Why your body is not working like it used to…
Did you know that the strategies, treatments, modalities and detox supplements that worked in the past may no longer be working adequately, clearing out toxins and enabling your body to maintain a healthy state?
Neurotoxins in our environment are making us sick
We now are surrounded by a massive environmental increase in neurotoxins like never before in our history. This level of toxins has created sickness at a cellular level. These toxins are new to our human race and increasing daily. They are shutting down our natural cellular detox pathways and changing our DNA to express disease and many unwanted symptoms such as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Thyroid dysfunction, Auto-immune conditions, Alzheimer's, Autism and Cancer.
We are now sicker and more toxic than ever before.

Enter the Herbicide/ Pesticide known as Glyphosate
Glyphosate is an example of one of these toxins. It was introduced in the 1970’s as an herbicide/ pesticide into our food supply. It is the active ingredient in Round-up and the #1 used pesticide in the world. It is being sprayed on almost all conventional grains to increase harvest and yield. The amount used on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), (plants that are modified to withstand more of this chemical and not die), can be ten times that of normal crops. Unless you are eating 100% organic, your intake of this chemical is massive.

And Glyphosate is no ordinary toxin,
When you look at new studies on its damaging effects on the human gut and brain. Since the introduction of this chemical into our food supply, we have seen obesity rates rise at the same level as the chemical’s use. Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Auto Immune diseases have all increased at the same rate as well.

Glyphosate creates holes in the human gut and shuts down detox pathways
Senior Scientist from MIT, Stephanie Seneff, has shown in studies that Glyphosate creates holes in the human gut, shuts down detox pathways, and is linked to the exponential rise of so many diseases. Dr. Stephanie Seneff has also shown that Glyphosate increases the toxic effects of heavy metals in the brain, giving further explanation of its connection to the rise in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Most countries have banned this horrific toxin, but not here in America.
If you think/feel that Glyphosate may be an issue for you and want to get tested, please contact me for further information.
(Information taken from True Cellular Detox)
More about neurotoxins Lead, Mercury and Lyme in my next email/blog